stuff I use

created on 2022-01-25, updated on 2022-03-31

This is a fairly current overview of the equipment and software I use at home outside of work. It's mainly of interest to other techies, and even that is debatable. If you don't like what I use, use something else.


imaginos: Apple iMac (24", M1, 2021)

desdinova: Apple Macbook (12", Intel Core M, 2015)

Apple Magic Keyboard (full-size with Touch ID)

Apple Magic Trackpad

iPhone SE (2020)

Apple Watch SE

Underwood mechanical typewriter (Model 6?) (late 1940s, restored in 2021)

Multiple Fountain Pens
(preferred notebook: Leuchtturm1917 hardcover A5)

Secondhand PCs running Slackware GNU/Linux


Work Hardware

Dell Latitude 7410 (Intel Core i7)

HP zBook (Intel Core i7)

Unicomp New Model M keyboard

Anker 3-button vertical mouse

ViewSonic 24" display (2560x1440)

Sony MDR-XB650BT wireless headset

Moto G5+ (Android 8.1, no service, wifi only)

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