created on 2022-03-26, updated on 2022-03-31

You can find long-form texts here: novels, short stories, essays, manifestos, and rants. If anything I’ve written here offends you: you’re welcome.


(WIP)Internet Personae: Be Your True Mind
When you stop using your real name online, you can express your real self.
About My Ad Blocker
If you want me to stop blocking ads, stop serving ads that are nothing but malware.
I Owe The World Nothing
The world might have been here first, but I never asked to be here. The world owes me nothing, and I owe nothing in return.
Personal Websites as Self Portraiture
The personal website is both medium and message, a self-publishing technology and a new visual arts medium, and every website is its operator’s self-portrait.
Questions For Your Cast
If you’ve been worldbuilding but don’t have a story, it might be because you haven’t given character development enough attention.
Hellbound; or, Curse God and Live
Watching the new K-drama, Hellbound, got me thinking about existentialism and the problem of evil. You might not like the conclusions I reached.
Party Like It’s 1989: a Web 0 Manifesto
This is my manifesto for Web 0/the small web. Never mind the Geocities look from the late 1990s; I miss the original CERN aesthetic.


Let’s Go Brandon; or, Fuck the President No Matter Who They Are
Unlike other leftists or liberals, I’m OK with the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme. It shows that Americans aren’t completely servile yet.


The Milgram Battery: a Starbreaker story
Before Morgan Cooper can take his oath as an Adversary sworn to uphold individual rights, he must face a final ordeal: a nightmare sequenced from his own memories and the obedience experiments of Stanley Milgram.