created on 2022-01-17, updated on 2022-03-31

I write all of my HTML by hand, and don’t use a SSG or CMS. I use BBEdit because it has built-in templating functionality and variable substitution, and it can upload to my host once I’m ready. If you’re interested in building your own website, feel free to visit on a desktop or laptop so you can take advantage of your browser’s view source option.

The fonts I use are your browser’s default sans-serif, monospace, and serif fonts. If you don’t like them, change them. If your browser won’t let you change them, then get a browser that wasn’t developed by authoritarians bent on punishing the world because they couldn’t get dates in high school.

I favor a somewhat minimal aesthetic and refuse to use JavaScript on my site for reasons I discussed in my web 0 manifesto, Party Like It’s 1989.

I currently have hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, but if they ever decide they don’t want my money any longer I can transfer the domain and the site to just about anywhere (except Epik, because fuck Nazis and their enablers).

There is no newsletter, and I might not bother adding an Atom feed either. Maybe if enough people ask for it and say pretty please with kittens on top.

content warning

While I don’t host pornography or video depicting violence on this website, some of my fiction is not appropriate for young readers and I often use profanity and express sentiments others might find offensive. If you don’t like what you see on this website, you shouldn’t be here.

monetization policy

This website is, to paraphrase the late, great Frank Zappa: strictly uncommercial. I have no interest in monetizing this website. Not when I have a nice, cushy day job.

I don’t host advertising of any kind on this website, nor do I have any intention of ever doing so because my personal website is not a billboard. This is a matter of principle that I can easily afford; hosting is cheap when you’ve got a static website that hardly anybody visits.

I do not, and will not, participate in Web3, blockchain, or NFTs. If you see somebody issuing NFTs based on the work I share on this website, they are unauthorized attempts to put work I’ve shared under a Creative Commons license to commercial use without my consent.

I have no intention of ever requesting donations, especially donations of cryptocurrency. I don’t need your money; as I mentioned earlier, I have a day job.

privacy policy

I don’t use cookies, analytics, or other means to track visitors. The identities of my website’s visitors is none of my business, and I don’t particularly appreciate being tracked and analyzed myself.

If you want me to know you’ve been by, I figure you can find my email address and say hello. However, I may choose to reply to an email with a public post, and in that case will ask permission to quote your email with attribution.

I also reserve the right to post the full text of emails from spammers and trolls. In such cases I will not ask permission.