created on 2022-03-18, updated on 2022-03-31

These are little, independently owned and operated websites rather like my own — or resources you can use to make your own website. You can get updates by subscribing to the Atom feed. If you have a personal website already, please tell me about it.
a resistance effort opposing the commercial internet’s tendency to become QVC with a comments section
This is one of the oldest continually-operating websites that I personally know of; I discovered a lot of bands because of this guy.
This is Bradley Taunt’s personal website. He’s a web designer who inveighs against the use of CSS and JavaScript. I like his style.
This is a plain motherfucking website. No JavaScript. No CSS. No inline styles. No SSL.
This is a less plain motherfucking website. No JavaScript. No inline styles. No SSL. 7 lines of CSS.
This is a further improvement over its predecessors, and the best according to its creator. Still no JS or inline styles, but it’s served over HTTPS and has a trendy TLD.
This is the web version of WebAIM’s web accessibility evaluation tool. A woman I worked with encouraged me to use this to test the accessibility of web apps I was building at my day job, and I ended up using it on my personal websites too.
Sadness’ personal website. She parties like it’s 1999.
This site provides a variety of cursors you can use on your website.
Here’s another site that provides cursors for websites; they claim to be the original, but I haven’t verified that.
Here’s another cool-looking 1990s style website. I like the USB tail in the header graphic.
This is Kev Quirk’s website. He’s an infosec/web design type and runs a popular Mastodon instance.
Extreme HyperText Movement for Luddites: build websites with no JavaScript and as little CSS as you can (preferably none)
The Website Obesity Crisis
A transcript of Maciej Cegłowski’s talk about why it’s bad for an online news article containing 500-1000 words of text to weigh in at over two megabytes
This is Jack Clayton’s website. He writes about everything from practical hearth magic to fictional reconstruction and chaos magic, and from poetry to superhero fiction.
zines & comic art / villains & leather / what standards?
lots of fan works related to Hellsing, Fire Emblem, and others. A lot of it is lewd, kinky, and queer.