I operate this website under a pseudonym because I’ve come to realize that there was wisdom in never giving one’s real name (or at least the one on your driver’s license) on the internet. Under that name I am the author of several novels and short stories.

I have a day job at a large consulting firm as a software developer. I’m a generalist; a jack of many trades and master of a few. I prefer to concentrate on back-end development and occasionally wear the sysadmin or database administrator hats. When doing front-end work I tend to focus on functionality and accessibility while leaving aesthetics to more design-oriented team members.

I’ve worked in this trade for over twenty years, but I’m not as passionate about tech as one might expect. I do it for money, while some of the skills I’ve gained in the process have proven useful outside my day job, tech is not a natural interest of mine; I keep current to remain employable.

In my personal life I’m a husband, cat friend, and co-protector of a great big trauma puppy that my wife rescued from a shelter. My wife and I met on a Yahoo! forum in 2000, met in person for the first time in 2002, and got married in 2004. In the meantime we courted via email and instant messaging with weekly phone calls. We’ve been through a lot together, and while I had some doubts before I got married I have no regrets.